Friday, October 9, 2009

On humanely and sustainably raised meats.

We are trying to stick with our dedication to eating local humanely and sustainably raised meats. It has cut back our meat consumption quite a lot. But no one here is complaining. We did raise two pigs a couple of years ago but haven’t raised our own meat since then. I guess we are so caught up in raising vegetables that we just haven’t had time. We depend on our neighbors for meat and eggs. I can't wait to read this book....

I'd like to compile a list of questions to ask when eating out regarding the sourcing of meats. Please feel free to comment and add to the list.

I know at this point after reading the article in the New York Times that we are going to avoid ground beef in restaurants alltogether, unless we know where it comes from. We only cook local neighbor-raised beef here at home but when we go out we allow Hattie, our 5 year old, to order hamburgers. Guess I will have to do a little explaining to her.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pasture-Raised Poultry for sale!

We here at Downing Hollow Farm are taking orders for pasture-raised chickens. Email us here for details.